AGAR Apparel


It’s been a long time coming and getting here hasn’t been easy and we didn’t do it alone. A couple months back we partnered with Kickstarter to help us gather donations and raise money for this initial launch. Without our friends who supported us on Kickstarter the Agar quest for global domination would have never got up off the ground! We salute you and may you purchase more of our items!

The Big Bananas:

Lisa Driver
Benitha Mintz
Giovanni Garcia
Bernardette Garcia

Friends with Benefits:

Jane Choi
Nick Harper

Helping Hands Lab Assistants:

Steven Diaz
Jessica Lim
Kristine Rue
Mark Reyes
Aileen Malogan
Amanda Sisney
Timbo Tugade
Brian Buntz
Carlo Cabanilla
Ryan Law
Susan Mayer

Without your support the Agar brand would still be a bunch of drawings in a book and fancy dreams. Thanks for providing me with the means to make my drawings a reality! Keep supporting me by buying our stuff.