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Little Things

Little Things

Not everyone can pull off diamond encrusted rings the size of ring pops or the gemstone necklaces that makes you look like you’re hauling a small planet around your neck. Don’t get us wrong, we here at AGAR like to accessorize but we like to do so a little more subtly. It’s hard enough finding something that gives you a little flare without being over the top so we did it ourselves! A combination of curated finds and handmade pieces AGAR introduces its first range of handmade jewelry. Available in extremely limited quantities so gets yours today!

So what’s the concept behind these? Big bling is cool … sometimes … but we wanted to create something that was a little easier on the eyes that played with small details. All of the pieces in our debut line are handmade and customized using brass chain links, carved stone, hammered brass and wood beads. Our prototypes do run a little small (perfect for the smaller wristed guys or ladies) but if you have a larger wrist just let us know when you checkout and we’ll increase the length as needed.

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