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Mystery Friday Special

The internet is a big world and something that someone does on one end affect someone across the world. IN this video, a man in london hid nine thousand pounds and set up a tricky Da Vinci Style code to find it. Not a lot of people did but one person did and filmed his […]

Save The NYC Food Trucks!

I’m not sure when Food Trucks became insanely popular but I do know that they serve some insanely good food at a bargain prices made by extremely skilled chefs. While this might seem like strictly a New York problem, this could easily be a problem for any city, what’s the problem you ask? In Manhattan, […]

Time Killer

I’m sure there’s a fairly simple explanation for this but it’s really just awesome. This is a water fountain in the Osaka Station that can tell you the time, draw pictures and spell out words … just for starters. Who comes up with this stuff? Post via Gizmodo


It’s almost a scientific fact (dont’ quote us on that one) that most men don’t really enjoy the wonder that is furniture shopping. The minds at Ikea have recognized this fact and have created (for a short time) MÄNLAND. Filled with video games, television sets and hot dogs, it’s an oasis of sanity for any […]

A Liter of Light

Sometimes the best ideas in life are the simplest ones. A Liter of Light (Isang Litrong Liwanag) is an initiative in the Philippines that helps light up the homes and shacks of the poorer parts of country using nothing but sunlight and an empty plastic bottle. By cutting a whole in the tin roof of someones […]

Hands On Treatment

Somewhere in Thailand some chick is slapping a woman’s boob to make them bigger. It sounds ridiculous and yet it’s something we just can’t make up. Check the link for the video and be your own judge but don’t try it at home (you’re probably not a professional so it’ll just look like you’re beating […]

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