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Overstock Sale

Overstock Sale

2012 was a pretty quiet year for us. We got a lot of protoypes and samples in the works but unfortunately never got them off the ground. We’ve made it a point to clear up our schedules this year and get back on the ball – we’re determined to make 2013 a BIG ONE! We still have a bit of an overstock of our old merchandise that we need to move so we have more space in our studio and the funds to get the new collection going.

We’re now offering a 60% discount off of all clothing items in our store! I know you must be saying That shit cray! Because it is but we’re looking to move units and you look like you’re not wearing Agar. Discount will automatically be applied on checkout. Orders of $20 and up come with a free AGAR tote bag!


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we’re still here

We went on vacation but we are back, refreshed and ready to keep going!

Keep checking out our blog, follow us on facebook and visit our store! Get yourself some AGAR.

Work in Progress

If you’ve been keeping track of us on facebook or twitter you’ve probably already seen all of the chatter we’ve been making. With our big rebrand behind us we’re working double time to really get our brand out there.

We hope you guys have been enjoying the new jewelry we just launched but we have even more in store for you. We can’t say much but we’ve been making frequent trips to the fabric store in preparation for the next collection that we plan to release. This week we just finalized all of our fabric selections so we’re pretty excited around here. What are we making? Guess you’ll need to wait to find out!

AGAR Alumn: Mike Garcia

With the recent rebrand of AGAR and things starting to take off again after long hiatus … we wanted to find a way to feature some of the people we work with who support the brand. AGAR Alumn will feature a series of interviews and photographs, showing you how other people rock our gear. To kick off our series of Agar Alumn we bring you co-contributor Mike Garcia.

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Little Things

Little Things

Not everyone can pull off diamond encrusted rings the size of ring pops or the gemstone necklaces that makes you look like you’re hauling a small planet around your neck. Don’t get us wrong, we here at AGAR like to accessorize but we like to do so a little more subtly. It’s hard enough finding something that gives you a little flare without being over the top so we did it ourselves! A combination of curated finds and handmade pieces AGAR introduces its first range of handmade jewelry. Available in extremely limited quantities so gets yours today!

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Gearing Up for some New Releases

Well at some point, winter is coming, but right now we’re in for the long summer. For most of you, that means rest and relaxation. For us at Agar, we’re gearing up for the debut of our line of accessories! As you know, the devil is in the details and damn it, nothing says you know your details like the right accessories. We have yet to announce a drop date but we’re excited to get these out on the market and in your hands!

If you dont’ follow us on twitter (we don’t know why you wouldn’t) get on it because we dropped these little teasers a few days ago.

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